Sales / Customer Service Representative

Reports To: Supervisor and Shift Manager

Job Overview

We are looking for Sales Representatives with good understanding of Customer Service Approach. Representatives will be responsible for booking appointments for our dispatch services. Making these appoints involves gathering details from customers and responding to their questions and queries in an efficient professional manner.

Successful candidates should have strong work ethics, excellent interpersonal skills, attentive to customer’s details and needs, able to apply products and services as thought in training, and committed to providing excellent service.

Responsibilities and Duties

·         Answer incoming calls from customer’s in a timely and efficient manner.

·       Probe customers for information to make appointments by using procedures thought in training.

·       Provide options to customers and take advantage of up-sell opportunities to maximize profit.

·       Document and Verify Customer’s information with accuracy and submit job appointments in a timely manner.

·        Maintain professionalism and confident dialogue with customers until end of interactions.




·         High School Diploma & abode is preferred.

·         Sales or Customer Service experience is preferred (Certification in respective fields will be            considered).

·         Typing Skills – At least 25 words per minute.

·         Good computer navigation skills.

·         Excellent command of English Language (Bilingual is a plus)

·         Ability to multitask

·         Enthusiastic personality and excellent communication skills (Upbeat & Explanatory).